HSEQ policy of our company:

  • The quality, health and safety management and environmental protection policy, strategic objectives and management system adopted by the management are implemented, applied and maintained at all levels, specifically and in detail by the staff involved in these actions;
  • The quality, health and safety management and environmental protection policy, as well as the opportunity to review it is analyzed at least annually, during analysis meetings carried out by the management;
  • Protecting the environment - by preventing pollution, through application of best available techniques and the conservation of resources - is one of our main concerns;
  • Our main goal is to monitor and improve customer satisfaction and all the parties involved.

Quality policy

The most important objective of our company is in meeting the explicit and implicit requirements of our customers.

The applying of this policy is achieved by designing, implementing and maintaining a quality management system which make possible the achievement of the following objectives:

  • the achieving and the maintaining the quality of the services we offer of our customers, taking into account the conditions imposed by the company and environment;
  • the increasing of the company reputation, the creation of an image of excellence for it on the market to be determined by the quality of its services;
  • our personnel must be appointed to specific tasks and be motivated, aiming to maximize their effectiveness in customer relations. Also, our staff must be engaged in the implementation of quality control policy of the company to provide trustfull evidence on which our customers to be able to rely on and a continuos improuvement of the provided services.

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