In order to ensure customer satisfaction, our company has various ISO certifications and numerous environmental permits.

M-I PETROGAS SERVICES ROMANIA SRL, a company which is part of Schlumberger Group:

  • Services of collection, sorting, transport and final disposal of hazardous waste resulting from the oil industry (currently we have contracted the whole portfolio of works for Hazardous Waste Management within PETROM Suplac, Timisoara and Craiova areas);
  • Services of collection, transport and final disposal of drilling mud resulted from the bore drilling;
  • Provision of services such as: preparation and conditioning of drilling fluids in the drilling fluid station, the only subcontractor in this area in the west of the country, both for Petrom and other operators in the industry of hydrocarbons.

VIVANI SALUBRITATE SA, member of the CHINOX AG Beteililgungs GmbH Group:

  • In the ecologic project concerning the oil sludge clearing tanks belonging to OMV Petrom, from the Romanian western area - Lot I, SC STILO EVORA Ltd. was the main partner as a provider of logistics services, construction, assembly construction. This ecological project is the largest within PETROM, while there was a pioneering project in Romania;
  • Supplier of waste management services including hazardous waste for PETROSANTANDER SRL, partnership contract;
  • Supplier of waste management services including hazardous waste for PETROFAC SRL, in partnership contract.

SC Farcas-ro-Trans SRL of Bucharest:

  • Supplier of hazardous waste transportation services, excavation / desilting service, industrial construction (access roads, TDU execution platform), construction-assembly works.

SC Oil Depol SRL:

  • Provide logistics services for greening the Barcau River and surfaces contaminated with petroleum products in Suplacu de Barcau area.
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